Mr. Balloony

Mr. Balloony is our resident balloon extraordinaire and creates more than just a plain dog type balloon twist. Mr. Balloony can create balloon models of many different characters to suite your event needs, in fact, he and can create almost anything from balloons!

Children's Parties

Mr. Balloony creates characters and other twists based on the needs of your child's interest. For instance, he can create a Pirate, Pincess or a Ballerina if that is what your child likes or if that is the theme for your child's party.

For your children's party entertainment, Mr. Balloony will arrive at the venue with a special balloon for the birthday child and will then make balloons for all the child's guests.

The amount and complexity of the balloon sculptures made depend very much on the number of children at the party, for instance if there are around 20 children then all the children are likely to get at least two balloon twists each.

Mr. Balloony will start with simple twists to make sure that every child gets a balloon, so no child is left without. When every child has a balloon, Mr. Balloony will then start on more extravagant balloon designs!

If you are expecting more than 20 children, you should consider booking extra time for Mr. Balloony to make sure no child misses out.

Call now us on 01482 213 901 or email us via for more details.


Mr Balloony can attend wedding functions to provide entertainment for the children at the wedding. He can make balloon twists for the children while the wedding speeches are happening, so that the children can do something they enjoy during this rather boring time for them!

Mr Balloony can also be commissioned for special wedding based sculptures for the wedding perhaps of something that is special to the happy couple.

Corporate Events and Galas

Mr Balloony can be booked for larger events and openings. At these events he will make a range of balloons for the children attending or he can be commissioned for special sculptures to suit the event you are holding.

For example at a Barratt Homes event, a large tree was sculptured representing the Barratt logo. These specially commissioned balloons can even be incorporated into the balloon d'cor at the event.

Call us now on 01482 213 901 or email us via for more details and/or to discuss your personal requirements.

Mr. Balloony balloon modeller

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